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Gurbinder & Sonia
09 November 2022
I came across Sonias profile, and it was an attraction at first site (at least for me!). Our initial conversations were cordial and pleasant, and it took some time for us to become well acquainted with each other. Part of this was due to the COVID pandemic which made travel difficult (since I was in the United States, and she was in India). But the more time we spent getting to know each other, the more we realized how compatible we were -and although we had different interests and lifestyles (she loves dancing and shopping -I cant dance at all and my wardrobe can most definitely use her fashion expertise!), we had grown up in similar circumstances, which had shaped our outlooks on life so much so that we realized we shared the same values (as we were both responsible at early stages in life). Because we discovered our natures were essentially the same, our relationship continued to slowly grow and strengthen and we knew that we werent just similar people, but we were looking for similar things in life -such as an emotionally supportive life partner. I know its clich to say that you and your partner are compatible, perfect in every way, complete each other, and are soulmates, but these often-used descriptions are only clich because people fall in love and experience these emotions. There was not a single moment in our courtship that led me to believe Sonia was the one for me -there were actually several moments. Our relationship developed until there were zero doubts for either of us. I just knew I had to marry Sonia! She was worth every effort in pursuing and as soon as I was able, I traveled to Chandigarh to meet her, and instantly, we both had the same comfort in person that we had virtually. Because of my work situation, I was only able to travel to India for three weeks, but we planned our wedding before I landed in Delhi and got married on August 30 in a simple, yet spiritually fulfilling ceremony. She looked radiant on our wedding day (I looked okay LOL), and it was totally the best three weeks of my life. I didnt just fall in love with Sonia -I even fell in love with her city, Chandigarh! It took me quite some time to find the right partner, but I know that with her, I did! And, even to this day, there are times she makes me feel that I found the perfect woman! I only wish I had found her sooner!