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Sudhan & Freeda
04 August 2014
In my busy life this had no room, But finally, I was forced to search a suitable groom.Everyone has to get married, is the custom we see Wana know … how it started all for me? Like every parent, it was my parents’ dream too To see me married and start a life new After my Di’s marriage, the pressure increased Now the eyes were on me and could not be released Everyone made me the target, asking the same question.Worried! as if it was going to be “Groom Recession” Numerous tips & endless suggestions Creating just confusion with no progressions Parents were concerned, but others were interested Differences are wide though somewhat related But I remained in my own world, which I created And lots of thoughts in my mind awaited After thinking a lot, got ready for this amazing journey All set to go, coz SHAADI to hai karni Registered……updated profile and pic To keep it simple was the best tip.. Received 100’s of interests, but not so good Then there was one for which I stood Accepted the request, just to give a try But no reply for long and the month went dry Then I thought to give it a shot, A message for phone no. was dropped Ohh! What a quick response I got, We decided to talk, at an agreed time slot It was nice talking… turning into frequent chatting And then finally a meeting..& Fix marriage ,& 7th July We are married , I am very happy Thanks to ,,Regard Sudhan and Freeda .