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Mostafa & Aklima
15 August 2020
Thanks to I never thought it works. It was so mixed experience. Only a few days I came to know that every single person looking for different things and even though they say something they don't always mean that. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes frustrating. It's a mixture of nice and worst combinations. Lots of weird behavior and things come across I have never thought of. But while I decide to quit and went hide of my profile my luck started knocking at my door. Started the conversation with really harsh and truth and was feeling of rudeness. but slowly it went to take a nice path and that night almost till the morning we chat, share everything. The next day our both families involved this matter and we started knowing each other. At the end by the grace of Almighty Allah, our both families and we decide to get married on 10th July. Alhamdulillah, everything is done well even though there COVID 19 stick on our lives. We are knowing more and more each other every day and I have found our decision was correct because we felt our relation started bundling of Trust, respect, and love. and both of our families are giving us their best moral support and love. I am grateful to Allah SWT and thanking to make our lives easier giving way to this platform. Wishing everyone the best of Luck and Keep us on your prayer to make our future full of blessing, care, love, respect, and dignity. I pray everyone finds their perfect soulmate and be happy. Just be patient with well manners and honesty. Allah will show you the right path. Thank you Mostafa