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Deepak & Ruchika
14 October 2021
Thank you, On March 21, 2020, I met my life partner, Ruchika Mishra, on She is from Gujarat, and I am from Punjab. My wife is currently a permanent resident of Canada. I believe it was unusual for anyone to choose a life partner who lived so far away. However, we found a connection. We started talking on whatsapp with each other after we connected on We soon understood that we were meant to be together. We became great friends. We were looking for a life partner who was also a good friend. We were never shy to share anything. Our families supported us as well. We used to talk at all hours of the day and night, whenever we got time. Because of the pandemic, we had a lot of time to talk because we were all at home because of the lockdown. We thought this was the only positive aspect of the pandemic that had affected us. We became very close and realised we couldn't live apart any longer. However, Ruchika (my wife) was in Canada and was unable to travel to India due to flight restrictions, to curb COVID-19. We had no choice but to wait. Only on video calls, we could see each other.That was a particularly difficult part for us. We were looking forward to the day when flights from Canada to India would be available. We learnt about the air bubble arrangement between India and Canada, but then Ruchika was unable to get leave from her job. Finally, she shared the good news one day that her leave had been approved and that she would be arriving in India soon. That moment arrived on April 18, 2021, more than a year later, when we could finally meet in person. It was a significant and emotional moment for us. Travel in India was still restricted from city to city and state to state. I was desperate to meet Ruchika. I couldn't stop myself. But our bad luck was that just one day before her visit, the Covid-19 restriction was issued in New Delhi. There was a curfew in New Delhi state, but it was unclear whether we could travel from another state to New Delhi. But I didn't give up. I double-checked all the rules and conditions before travelling to New Delhi Airport to see Ruchika. I even wrote to the Delhi CM, requesting that an E-pass be issued to me so that I could travel to New Delhi Airport from Punjab. Then I learnt from the news that anyone from outside Delhi state could travel to certain places, and New Delhi international airport was one of them. I decided to go by car in morning. Finally, the day had arrived. I brought my COVID-19 test report, which was negative, with me so that if anyone asked, I could show them. Fortunately, no one asked, and I arrived at the airport on time. And then, we met. The best part was we did not feel we were meeting for the first time. We were so close and had known each other for over a year. When we met in person, we were the same. We spent a lot of time together. We shared a meal.We talked about a lot of things. We even planned our marriage at the airport. After spending so much time together, it was time for Ruchika to leave for her home. She had a flight to Vadodara, Gujarat. It was an emotional moment for us. We were hopeful that we were going to meet soon, and this time for a very long time, and it happened in real life. Our families decided the date of our marriage, 5th June 2021. Due to the pandemic, we could not hold a big wedding. It was a small family function. Ruchika and her family came to my hometown. Here, we did some shopping together. We could not shop properly due to covid-19 restrictions. On 3rd June 2021, we exchanged rings and were officially engaged. And then came the day we had been looking forward to for so long. We got married on 5th June 2021 in the presence of our family members. It was a traditional marriage. However, we were unable to invite our relatives and friends due to government restrictions on gatherings to control COVID-19. Sadly, Ruchika's brother, who lives in Canada, was also unable to join us on our special day. But we were still happy. We had our families’ blessings. We are so happy and fortunate to have found each other. Thanks to God, our families and thanks to for providing us a platform to connect.